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50 Best Restaurants in Mérida, Mexico in 2024

Mérida is a culinary hotspot

The Yucatan Peninsula is known for excellent food and Mérida is the culinary hotspot. The Yucatan cuisine has its own style, which is quite different from the rest of Mexico. Yucatec cuisine is an eclectic blend of classic Mayan cuisine with Lebanese, Caribbean and Western European influences. There is street food, numerous food markets, cantinas and many great restaurants in Mérida - the options are incredibly diverse. If you want to read what the Michelin Guide says, where to find the best restaurants, cafes and bars in and around Mérida Mexico, have a look there too.

Yucatecan dishes

The traditional Yucatecan dishes are still prepared according to centuries-old traditions of the ancient Maya. The Yucatecan national dish is Cochinita Pibil. Pork is braised with sour orange juice, garlic and other spices in banana or corn leaves under the ground for at least 4 (and up to 16) hours in an earth oven. The dish gets its typical coloring from the prehispanic spice achiote.


Poc Chuc is another signature dish in Yucatan cuisine made with slow-roasted pork marinated in sour orange juice. Other typical dishes include Queso Relleno ("stuffed cheese"), which are small Edam balls hollowed out and filled with minced pork and tomato. Sopa de Lima ("lime soup") is a refreshing soup made of chicken broth with lime and tortilla strips.

You should also try Huevos Motulenos - a breakfast dish of fried eggs served on tortillas with refried black beans and a tomato-based sauce. But there are many other exciting dishes to discover.

Restaurant areas in Mérida

There are more than 900 restaurants and cafes. The main areas where you will find the best restaurants in Mérida are the historical city center, along Paseo de Montejo and in the north of Mérida.

The Restaurant Row (Calle 47)

There is a Restaurant Row (Corredor Gastronómico) that extends about four blocks east on Calle 47 from the south traffic circle of Paseo de Montejo. The whole street was renovated in 2023 and there are some of the best restaurants and trendiest cafes in the city, such as the fine restaurants Oliva Enoteca, 130 Grados SteakhouseCatrín, Micaela Mar & Leña and Sandunga Cocina Tradicional Oaxaqueña, the cafes Cafetería ImpalaBaretto Espresso Bar, Marmalade 47 and Latte Quatro Sette and the cantina El Lucero del Alba.

Calle 60

Another street in the city center with several restaurants and shops is Calle 60, approximately from Calle 61 to Calle 45 (the even streets run north-south, the odd ones east-west). In 2023, the street was renovated.

Mercado 60

Mercado 60 is also located on Calle 60. It is a trendy open-air food court consisting of about 20 small food stalls, grills and cocktail bars. If you like loud music, dancing and hustle and bustle, you should come around 9:00 pm. 

Best Restaurants in Mérida

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