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Travel Guides for Mérida, Mexico

Online sources

The online offer is of course huge. Have a look at the page with the weblinks for Mérida. On this page you will find some official pages from the city of Mérida and the INAH, which is the monument authority in Mexico.


Wikivoyage, the sister project of Wikipedia, is a free web-based travel guide for destinations and travel topics. As with Wikipedia, they are written free of charge by volunteer authors. You will find travel guides for many well-known destinations.


AI has now arrived on the book market and travel guides seem to be a popular target. There are already a number of books on the market that were largely created using AI.


The soulless AI-generated texts are immediately recognizable and after a few negative reviews on Amazon, they are quickly removed from the catalog. Presumably to be relaunched with a new name and cover. So, if you want to buy a travel guide, look out for a well-known publisher and an author with references.

Official Sites

Website of the City of Mérida

Oficial Tourist Site of the City of Mérida

All Museums in México from INAH

Archaeological Sites in México from INAH

Travel Guides from WikiVoyage

México Travel Guide from WikiVoyage

Yucatán Travel Guide from WikiVoyage

Mérida Travel Guide from WikiVoyage

Progreso Travel Guide from WikiVoyage

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