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20 Best Locations in Mérida with Kids in 2024

First things first

While Mérida offers a wide range of culture and art for the grown-ups, there are also some very nice locations if you are traveling in Mérida with kids. The trick is, as always, to know these places. Get to know the 20 best locations in Mérida with Kids in 2024.


At Day Trips you will find the best destinations with kids outside of Mérida. But first things frist. The higher the temperatures, the more your kids will enjoy a pool. Having your own pool is therefore the most important thing in Mérida, especially for children.

Ice cream & chocolate


Second most important in Mérida with kids is ice cream. The best two addresses are Pola Gelato Shop (ice cream, sorbets and waffles are all homemade) and the iconic Dulceria y Sorbeteria Colon with a total of five locations in Mérida. Also Helados Santa Clara is worth a visit (but not quite cheap). The Maya were the first to cultivate the cacao tree, from which we get chocolate. Chocolate lovers visit Ki'Xocolatl. By the way, September 2 is México's National Cacao & Chocolate Day.

Zoos in Mérida

There are two zoos in Mérida. Parque Zoológico del Centenario is the most important zoological park in Mérida and a more traditional zoo. Parque Zoológico Animaya is the newer one. Animaya is intended to provide an environment similar to that of a safari and is more suitable for kids. For children up to 12 years old there is also a small water park.

Parks, playgrounds & sport activities

Some of the city parks have funfairs, but they are usually small. Parque de Las Américas however is a large square outside the center, covering four blocks. One block offers a playground and a track for rollerbladers and skateboarders. There are also a couple of trampolines. 

Parque de la Alemán covers one block and includes also a skating rink and a children's playground. Your kids can also ride a carousel. In both parks you will always find food vendors with with marquesitas, esquites or ice cream. That's certainly another plus for the kids. Gran Parque La Plancha is the newest, largest and by far the most impressive park in Mérida. There are eight playgrounds for children, an ice skating rink, a skate park, two museums  and much more.

Aquaparque is a large area outside the center There is a playground and plenty of space to run, climb and play for kids. There is also a pool with a water slide for the children. Parque Ecológico del Poniente is comparable with Aquaparque. There is also a children's playground. It has a large sandpit with some old, metal play equipment and a slide. Mérida also offers an botanical garden. The collections of the botanical garden of CICY (Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán) are mainly from the flora of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Want your kids to work up a sweat? Parque de Deportes Extremos is a relatively new sports park (the opening was end of 2021) with 17 different sports activities for children. Appropriate food (crepes, chips, nachos, cotton candy, etc.) is also offered.

More Fun in Mérida with Kids

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