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The new Corredor Gastronómico in Mérida

The Yucatan Peninsula is known for excellent food and Mérida is the culinary hotspot. The Yucatan cuisine has its own style, which is quite different from the rest of Mexico.

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Casa Loltún Vacation Rentals

Rent a wonderful restored 19th-century colonial house or a new apartment in the historic city center of Mérida. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking for a unique and beautiful place to stay!

Get ready to be blown away by a unique blend of colonial heritage and modern architecture and dive straight into the vibrant life of the city!

Casa Loltun Colonial House
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Best Locations at Restaurant Row

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Oliva Enoteca

Oliva Enoteca is one of the finer dining places in Mérida on the restaurant row (Calle 47). Pizza and pasta, tomato sauce, basil, mozzarella, olives, bruschetta, Parmesan cheese? There aren't many good Italian restaurants in Mérida.

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130 Grados Steakhouse

130° Steakhouse has branches in Mérida, Tulum and Santiago de Querétaro. The restaurant in Mérida is relatively small (so there are only a few tables), but authentically furnished in a nice dim atmosphere.

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