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Parks and Churches in Mérida, Mexico

Each neighborhood in Mérida...

Each neighborhood (Downtown, Santa Lucia, Santiago, Mejorada, San Juan, San Cristobal and so on) in Mérida typically has its own small park - usually along with a church and often with a market hall. These parks are nicely landscaped and consist mostly of a few green spaces, trees and benches. 

You can walk through most city parks in two minutes, so they are more a meeting place or for a break on a park bench in the shade of Mérida`s sun. Occasionally, however, the parks are somewhat larger - like the new spectacular Gran Parque La Plancha. You can easily get into conversation with other visitors or just watch the daily hustle and bustle. Usually you can also find restaurants, cafes or nice stores near the parks. And there is almost always free Wi-Fi provided in the parks. When you visit a park, it's always a good idea to take a short detour to the church, which is usually right next to it, and, if there is one, to the market.


If you want to take long walks in nature, jogging, biking, walking your dog or picnicking, the large parks or nature reservates in the outskirts of Mérida are a good choice.

Where to go?

Plaza Grande is the main square in Mérida, which everyone who visits Mérida must have seen and looks at. Plaza Grande is not only the main square of Mérida but also the oldest square in the city.

Parque de Santa Lucia is a small park (and also one of the oldest), right in the heart of Mérida, surrounded by colonial houses and a small church. Combined with its unbeatable location and the beautiful surroundings, it is no surprise that Parque de Santa Lucia has become one of Mérida's most popular parks. Or have a look at Parque de Santiago, a nice small neighborhood park and especially known for the big-band dance party every Tuesday night. Parque de Las Américas is a large square outside the center, covering four blocks in the colonia Garcia Gineres. Since, as writen, almost every neighborhood also has its own park, there are many more to discover.

And the best is saved for last: The Gran Parque La Plancha (only 100m from Casa Loltún) is the newest, largest and by far the most impressive park in Mérida with numerous attractions on an area of 190,000 square meters.

Churches in Mérida

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