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40 Best Mérida Day Trips in 2024

Great Mérida Tours

Perfect starting point

Mérida is a perfect base for a tour of the Yucatán Peninsula. Many destinations can be easily reached in a half-day or day trip. And as the capital of the Yucatán, Mérida has good road access and an excellent bus system that will take you almost anywhere.

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All excursions are individually selected and all are recommended. Everyone has their preferences and so you can further refine the suggestions via the categories ("Choose your kind of day trip") in the search options (e.g. haciendas, cenotes, archaeological sites, museums, great beaches, etc.).

The driving distance and time, the entrance fees (if applicable) and the usual occupancy of the destination will be displayed directly. For each destination you will find more details on an information page, including a link to the route via Google Maps and the best perspective with Google View.

Tour combinations

Often it is also possible to combine two or more destinations. You can select a certain "tour" and will receive suggestions which destinations can be combined well. It doesn't necessarily make sense to combine all the suggestions, but you might pick two or three suggestions for a trip.


You can also use sorting to narrow down the best tours for you. You can sort the suggestions according to various criteria, for example display the closest or cheapest destinations first. Sorting by popularity uses the number of views of the destinations.


The search refers to the name as well as the short description. As long as you do not close the browser or the tab, all settings and search entries remain saved (with cookies enabled).

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Random Suggestions

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Casa Loltun Colonial House

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