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Amazing Places in Mérida, Mexico

Behind every door in Mérida is a secret

Although there are many magnificent buildings from the colonial times, there are also many unspectacular buildings. But it is not uncommon in Mérida that a wonderful place is hidden behind an inconspicious building. 


Here you will find many tips and recommendations - but you should just try it out. Often, it's the little accidental discoveries that grow especially close to your heart and that you love to visit again and again. And last but not least, it's often the people who make a place special. 

You will find special small stores, art galleries, govermnent buildings, historic sites, wellness oasis, amusement parks, street art locations or restored haciendas located directly in Mérida or on the outskirts, often with a good restaurant and spa and other amazing and interesting places.

Free Mérida walking tour

One of the best ways to get to know Mérida is walking by its streets. Every morning from Monday to Saturday there is a free Mérida walking tour that departs at 9:30 am from Plaza Grande.


The walking tour is a great way to learn more about the city. Although free, you must make a reservation at the Tourist Information Center at the Olimpo Cultural Center (Calle 62x61, s/n). However, this is also possible up to 15 minutes beforehand if there are still places available.

MEL house and garden tour

The Mérida English Library (MEL) offers members and non-members books, puzzles and games. But MEL also offers various events such as the popular house and garden tour in Mérida. A great way to get to know Mérida better.

More Places to Discover

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