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All Festivals in Mérida, Mexico in 2024

The great festivals in Mérida

In Mexico, people like to celebrate a lot and and Mérida is known for its great festivals. The city offers widely known festivals, which attract tens of thousands of visitors and make the city vibrate. Here you will find an overview of which festivals take place in which month.

Further tips

The Tourism Department of Mérida lists festivals in Mérida on the website VisitMeridaMx. In our overview of all weekly events in Mérida you will find all events sorted by day. If you're looking for excursions beyond the city limits, check out the amazing Day Trips on the Yucatán Peninsula.

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January Festivals in Mérida

Mérida Fest

Opt for a January trip to experience Mérida Fest in Mérida, a huge annual celebration that honors the founding of Mérida and extends over several weeks. There are numerous cultural events and artistic performances during Mérida Fest and a wide gastronomic offer. Events take place all over the city, in the museums, parks and universities, on Paseo de Montejo, in the city hall and many other places.


It begins with a serenade on January 5th, when hundreds of troubadour folk singers sing the traditional alborada at dawn to wake the city with Yucatecan trova music. The festivities last for 24 days. There are a range of activities including dance, theater, literature, visual arts, music, and children’s events.

January Festivals in Mérida (Jarana Dance)

Jarana Dance at the Plaza Grande

Image Source: © Спасимир, flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

January Festivals in Mérida (Palacio Municipal)

Palacio de Mérida at the Plaza Grande

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February Festivals in Mérida

Carnival in Mérida


The Mérida Carnival is one of the most spectacular carnivals in México and one of the most anticipated festivals of the city. It takes usually place in February, but sometimes in March on the Xmatkuil exhibition grounds a little outside in the south of Mérida. There are free shuttle buses that will take you there from the city center in around 30 minutes.


In 2024 it was from February 7 to 14, but in 2025 Carnival will take place in March. The exact dates will be announced by the City Council of Mérida. The carnival parades and biggest events are usually on the Friday before Ash Wednesday and then last until Tuesday. Carnival Tuesday, or the "Battle of the Flowers", is the most anticipated day.


Among other attractions like comparsas and parades, shows, musicals or pyrotechnics there are many different music stages with salsa or merengue, but also electronic music. It is believed that the carnivals in Mérida began to be celebrated in 1578 and it have grown at a good pace over the years.

February Festivals in Mérida (Carnaval)

Carnaval in Mérida

Image Source: © Rubén Naíl, flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

February Festivals in Mérida (Carnaval)

Carneval in Mérida

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April Festivals in Mérida

The Holy Week


During Holy Week in April (one week before Easter), you can experience for example the culture of the Semana Santa processions in Mérida. It is the most important week in the church year. 


On Good Friday, the traditional church service does not take place, the bells fall silent and the church commemorates the suffering and death of Jesus. During these days, the church remembers why and how the Son of God died. If you visit Mérida Cathedral on Good Friday (the anniversary of Jesus Christ's death), you can watch the procession with the Stations of the Cross, which are acted out in traditional clothing. 

April Festivals in Mérida (Catedral)

Catedral de Mérida

April Festivals in Mérida (Catedral)

Inside the Catedral de Mérida

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May Festivals in Mérida

Noche Blanca


Noche Blance (the White Night) is usually celebrated twice a year (around May and November) with a great variety of about 250-300 cultural events such as theatre, live music, dancing, visual art, street food vendors and many others. Historic downtown turns into a giant street party.

During this event, the streets of the historic center of Mérida are illuminated with a special brightness and the main theaters, museums and venues of the city open their doors throughout the night for free. Calle 60, in front of the entrance, will be closed to traffic to create a block party atmosphere.

May Festivals in Mérida (food stalls)

Food Stalls at Paseo de Montejo

May Festivals in Mérida (Teatro)

Teatro José Peón Contreras

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July Festivals in Mérida

Feria Artesanal Tunich


The Feria Artesanal Tunich (Tunich Arts and Crafts Fair) has been in existence since 2001, usually beginning at the end of July and lasting 10 days. It takes place in Dzityá, a sub-municipality of Mérida. It's the largest arts and crafts fair in southeastern Mexico and includes vendors from other regions on the Yucatan Peninsula.


Each year, guest states from Mexico are also invited, as well as another guest country (Egypt in 2023). It includes about 150 artisans and a food court. There are also many daily events. On average, about 100,000 visitors come during the 10 days of the fair. Admission to the fair, which is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, is free.


There is a free shuttle service from Plaza Grande (Monday through Saturday from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm and Sunday from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm). More information is available on the official website or VisitMerida.

July Festivals in Mérida (Feria Artesanal)

Wood craftsman

July Festivals in Mérida (Feria Artesanal) work

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August Festivals in Mérida

Feria Artesanal Tunich


The Feria Artesanal Tunich continues (please see July section for more information).

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September Festivals in Mérida

Mexico’s Independence Day


On Mexico's Independence Day on September 15 and the day after, festive events are held throughout the city. In the evening on September 15, the Governor will reenact the "Cry of Dolores" speech of Miguel de Hildago first made on Sept 16th 1810. Thousands of Yucatecans fill the Plaza Grande to celebrate this national holiday.

And if you get up early enough, you can witness the raising of the national flag on September 16th at 7:00 am by the Mayor of Mérida at Plaza Grande. In many places there are celebrations on both days, for example in restaurants, cafes, parks or markets.

September Festivals in Mérida (Mexico Indepence Day)

Mexico's Independence Day

September Festivals in Mérida (Mexico Indepence Day)

Mexico's Independence Day (Mexico Flag)

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October Festivals in Mérida

Hanal Pixan Festival


In Yucatan, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the dead) is known by it's Maya name, Hanal Pixan. It means "food for the souls" in the Mayan language. Traditionally, the deceased are commemorated. It is November 1st and 2nd but the Mayans celebrate it from October 31st to November 2nd.


All events in Mérida take place in the week before November 1. The main event is Paseo de las Ánimas (Walk of the Souls), a parade that goes from the General Cemetery to Parque de San Juan. The exact dates will be announced by the City Council of Mérida.

October Festivals in Mérida (Hanal Pixan)

Hanal Pixan Festival (Walk of the Souls)

Image Source: © I. A. Huerta Reyna, wiki, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

October Festivals in Mérida (Hanal Pixan Festival)

Hanal Pixan Festival (Walk of the Souls)

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November Festivals in Mérida

Hanal Pixan Festival

The Hanal Pixan Festival continuies until Nov. 2 (see October section for more information).

Noche Blanca

In November, Mérida usually celebrates the second time its great "Noche Blanca" (see May section for more information).

Feria de Xmatkuil


Feria de Xmatkuil, a state fair, is one of the most anticipated events in southeastern México and takes place early November for a full month. There is a wide offer from the traditional cattle auction, concerts, mechanical rides and food stalls.


The fair has also become an important distribution point for merchants from across the country. There are usually well over 1,000 exhibitors represented and usually around 2,000,000 visitors are expected. The entrance fee is about 25 pesos.

November Festivals in Mérida (Day of the Dead)

Hanal Pixan Festival

Image Source: © I. A. H. Reyna, wiki, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

November Festivals in Mérida (Feria de Xmalkuil)

Feria de Xmalkuil

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December Festivals in Mérida

Christmas Season


Also the Christmas season at the end of the year is a great time to head to Mérida. The main avenues and city parks are decorated in colorful festive holiday lights, the weather is nigh on perfect and there’s always plenty going on.

The lighting of the Christmas tree at the Gran Museo Del Mundo Maya with more than one hundred thousend lights placed in the body of the 40-50m high tree is one of the main events around December 1 and many people come to watch it.


But also don’t miss the monumental Nativity scene at the Plaza Grande, the one at the Municipal Palace and at the Government Palace.

December Festivals in Mérida (Christmas)

Christmas Decoration Downtown

December Festivals in Mérida (Christmas)

Piñata at Christmas

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