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Best Zoos and Nature Reservates in Mérida, Mexico in 2024

Nature in Mérida


Mexico is one of the countries with the most protected natural areas in the world. For example, there are over 40 biosphere reserves designated by UNESCO. Quite a few of them are on the Yucatán Peninsula, as it offers a unique geographical structure for this with its jungles, mangrove forests and estuaries.

You will also find a lot of nature in Mérida, although larger green areas are only in the outskirts. What are the Best Zoos and Nature Reservates in Mérida, Mexico in 2024? First a tip out of the ordinary: Gran Parque La Plancha is the newest, largest and by far the most impressive park in Mérida. It is located in the city center of Mérida, so you can comfortably stroll the short distance from Casa Loltún.




There are two zoos in Mérida. Parque Zoológico del Centenario is the most important zoological park in the city of Mérida. Parque Zoológico Animaya or "Parque Zoológico del Bicentenario" (on the western outskirts) is the newer of the two public zoos in Mérida. Animaya is intended to provide an environment similar to that of a safari and the animals can move relatively freely.

Botanical garden


Mérida also offers a nice botanical garden. The collections of the botanical garden of the CICY (Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán) are mainly from the flora of the Yucatán Peninsula. The 2.7-hectare botanical garden (one hectare is equivalent to 10,000 square meters) is located in an old henequén planting site in the Pinzón II district in the north of Mérida


The research garden includes around 700 species of native plants, more than 80 species of birds (like tropical kingbirds, social flycatchers, hummingbirds or grosbeaks) and, depending on the season, butterflies everywhere.


Jogging, biking or walking your dog?


If you want to take long walks in nature, jogging, biking or walking your dog, the large parks in the outskirts of Mérida are a good choice.


There are several very large parks to choose from in the outer boroughs, some of which are actually more like nature reserves, but the transitions are fluid here and there is no quite precise definition.

Large Parks & Nature Reservates

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