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Actual Weather in Mérida, Mexico

Mérida's climate is tropical; hot in the dry season and hot and humid in the rainy season. Some say it can range from hot to very hot, but the average temperatures vary very little. The hottest month is may (84°F / 29°C avg.) and the coldest month is January (74°F / 23°C avg.). However, in summer, temperatures above 100°F (38°C) are not uncommon.

There are no "four seasons" on the Yucatán Peninsula. One distinguishes only between dry and rainy season. Like most of México, summer is the rainy season in Mérida, it begins in June and lasts until October. But, of course, like everywhere else it can rain at any time and it can be sunny during the rainy season. The winters in Mérida are warm and mostly clear. Check out what is the actual weather on the Yucatan Peninsula and the best time to visit Mérida.

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