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All about Parque de Santa Lucía in Mérida, Mexico

Updated: April 6, 2024

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Author: Tobias

Parque de Santa Lucia is a small park, right in the heart of Mérida, surrounded by colonial houses and a small church. Parque de Santa Lucía in Mérida, Mexico is about 1.4km away from Casa Loltún. It is located in the city center of Mérida. You walk a bit longer, but you can easily get there on foot.


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Parque de Santa Lucía, Calle 60, Parque Santa Lucia, Centro, Mérida, Yucatán, Mexiko



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1.4km from Casa Loltún

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Within the city


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Parque de Santa Lucía

Parque de Santa Lucia is a small park right in the heart of Mérida. The park was built in 1542. and together with the main square (Plaza Grande), which is three blocks away, it is the oldest park in the city.

The park is surrounded by neo-colonial style houses and a small church (Iglesia de Santa Lucía). The place is also ringed with many small restaurants with outdoor tables.

Combined with its unbeatable location in the city center and the beautiful surroundings, it is no surprise that Santa Lucia Park has become one of Mérida’s most popular parks.

The famous Love Chairs are available in oversize (you can see it better if someone is sitting inside or standing next to it), enjoy free Wi-Fi in the park, the open-air dance event Yucatecan Serenade - starts on Thursdays and the market on Sundays.

Love Chairs at Parque de Santa Lucía
Love Chairs at Parque de Santa Lucía


There are now restaurants in almost every building around the park. At the entrance to the park on the right-hand side is La Tratto Santa Lucía, an Italian restaurant. To the left of La Tratto is Bryan's In The Park, which serves Mexican cuisine.

The international cuisine continues, next up is Avec Amour, a restaurant serving French cuisine. In the corner, you will find Cafe Ki'Xocolatl, followed by La Recova Santa Lucía and Rosa Sur 32.

The Apoala restaurant is roughly in the middle of the U-shaped building and is one of the best-known restaurants in the park.

Open-Air Dance Event


The most popular night of the week in Mérida - the open-air dance event Yucatecan Serenade - starts on Thursdays at 9:00 pm (there is a platform at the back right).

Therefore, it is the favorite park in Mérida by many and especially when live music is played, it is quite crowded. Try grabbing a table at one of the many fabulous restaurants and enjoy different bands, singers and dancers.

The event lasts about a hour. Already since 1965, the event takes place every week in the Parque de Santa Lucia. If you want a seat, you should come as early as possible (best two hours before the start of the show) or make a reservation.

Parque de Santa Lucia in the evening
Evening falls

History of the Park

Today, the park is a popular meeting place with restaurants, music, dancing and entertainment, such as the open-air dance event. However, many people also visit Mérida because of the city's turbulent history and Parque de Santa Luciá is undoubtedly part of this eventful past.

The park has a rich history dating back to the founding of the present-day city of Mérida. During colonization, this place witnessed bloody battles between the Maya and the Spanish conquistadors.

The construction of the site and the resettlement of the indigenous inhabitants of Santa Lucía triggered unrest very early on. The Mayan cemetery that was located there was demolished without ever explaining why or where the dead were to be reburied. This was seen as an act of desecration and further exacerbated the conflict.

Between April and June of 1867, Santa Lucia was finally one of the last scenes of bloody combats during the final days of the conquistadors.

Today's neo-colonial style buildings were built in the 19th century. After further restoration and remodelling, the park's current appearance dates back to 2010, so it's not that old.

The Obelisk

The huge obelisk in the centre of the park is dedicated to Sebastián Molas (1819 - 1853). He was a Mexican officer. The capped top of the obelsik is intended to symbolise his short life. The monument, erected in 1878, is also a symbol of local history.

Colonel Sebastián Molas played a decisive role during the so-called Caste War (1847-1901), a bloody Mayan uprising against colonial rule and exploitation by the white elites.

Molas initially fought on the side of the government forces to defend the interests of the Mexican government and suppress the Maya rebellion. His nickname was "Lion of the East", by which he was known in the eastern region of Yucatan, where he carried out his military campaigns.

However, he later switched sides and joined the rebellion. He participated in leading the federalist troops of Yucateca against the centralist government forces during the wars that followed Yucatán's secession from Mexico. As a result, he was captured, sentenced to death for high treason and executed.

The memorial plaque initially had the inscription: "Here rest the mortal remains of Colonel Sebastián Molas, hero of the Caste War". Years later, the inscription was changed to: "To Colonel D. Sebastián Molas, martyr of federalism in Yucatan. 1819-1853".


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