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All informations for your stay

Logo Casa Loltún

The Property

Address and contact details for all questions

  • Address

    • Casa Loltún, Calle 43 (43rd Street), No. 45497000 Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico

  • Property management (LIFE KUXTAL)

    • Contact person: Mrs. Charito Megias

    • E-mail:

    • Phone: +52 5537217336 or +52 9994048182


A self-check-in with electronic house access allows you a flexible arrival (from 3:00 pm on the day of arrival). There is one main entrance to Casa Loltun from the street side. The main entrance has an electronic lock with a PIN code. You will receive the PIN code after booking. To open, please type the code followed by the hash sign (#).


The entrance to the main house is behind the main entrance directly on the left (also with an electronic access). To reach the apartments, just walk straight through. At each apartment you will find a key box next to the door, for which you will also receive a PIN after booking. The key will then open your apartment (they are numbered from 1 to 4). 


We kindly ask you to check out by 11:00 am at the latest on your day of departure. For larger groups, there is usually someone on site to assist you with your check-out. If you have rented an apartment, you only need to throw the key back into the key box at the apartment (there are no physical keys for the main house).

House rules

Please note our house rules, which you can view at any time via your chosen booking platform.

Logo Casa Loltún

The Facilities

Air conditioning

There is an air conditioning unit in every bedroom of the main house and in every apartment. Each air conditioning unit is operated via remote control, which you will find in each room on arrival. If you want to switch on the air conditioning, a general recommendation is a setting of 7 degrees below the outside temperature (if the temperature difference is too high, you will catch a cold more easily).


Also for environmental reasons, we ask that you only use the air conditioning when you are in the room and then keep the doors and windows closed. Download the multilingual operating instructions from the manufacturer.

Ceiling fans

There are ceiling fans inside the main house and the apartments and outside at the terrace. There is a fan in every bedroom. The ceiling fans in the bedrooms are very quiet, so they won't disturb you. They are controlled by remote controls so that you can operate them comfortably from your bed.

Main house:

  • The ceiling fans on the ground floor in the main house and outside are operated via a multi-stage switch on the walls.

  • The ceiling fans in the bedrooms are operated via remote controls.


  • The ceiling fans in the bedrooms are operated via remote controls.

Equipment in the kitchen

The following devices are at your disposal:

  • Coffee maker

    • All kitchens are equipped with Dolce Gusto coffee machines.

    • The corresponding capsules are available in most supermarkets.

  • Stove

    • All kitchens are equipped with an induction stove.

    • Suitable pots and pans are provided.

  • Refrigerator

    • Each kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator.​
    • The main house additionally has a freezer compartment and ice cube maker.
  • Microwave

    • A microwave is provided in the main house.​

Irrigation system

The property has an automatic irrigation system for the garden area.

The irrigation system runs daily from 9:00 pm to 9:30 pm.


You will find a safe in the main house for your valuables (firmly attached to the masonry).

Setting the user code:
  1. With the door open, press the Reset button. You will hear two beeps.
  2. Enter the new code (3-8 digits) on the keypad, then press the # button to confirm. 
     - If the confirm light turns on, the reset is accepted. 
     - If the warning light flashes, the code reset is not accepted and you need to try again.
  3. Before you close the door, try the new code to make sure it works

Opening your safe:
  1. Input your user code (3 to 8 digits) on the keypad. Press # to confirm.
  2. The confirm light turns on.
  3. Rotate the knob clockwise, then open the door. 


Locking the safe:
Close the door, then turn the knob counterclockwise to lock it.


Automatic lockout:
If an incorrect code is entered three times, the safe locks for 30 seconds. 
Three additional incorrect entries lock the safe for five minutes.


If you forget your code, a service employee can open the safe with an emergency key.


The TVs are operated with a remote control, which you will find in front of the TV when you arrive. Each television is equipped with a Roku system. The Roku system allows you to enter the access data for your personal streaming service and specify the date on which this data is automatically deleted (usually the day you leave). Simply follow the instructions on the screen.


You have Wi-Fi throughout the property and will find the information on site as a QR code.

SSIDs for the main house and the garden area:

  • Casa Loltun Main House 2.4GHz

  • Casa Loltun Main House 5GHz

SSIDs for the apartments and the garden area:

  • Casa Loltun Apartments 2.4GHz

  • Casa Loltun Apartments 5GHz

Logo Casa Loltún

Emergency and other important Contacts

Preliminary note

It is advisable to store the most important emergency numbers in your cell phone to have them directly available in case of emergency.


If you are using a foreign phone, you will need to enter the country code of 52.

Therefore, the example looks like this: When calling Red Cross (Cruz Roja) Ambulance, +52 999 924 -9813.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

  • General Emergency from Anywhere: 911

  • Phone numbers in Mérida

    • Emergencies: 113 or 066

    • Red Cross (Cruz Roja) Ambulance (free ambulance): 065 or 999 924 -9813

    • Green Angels Roadside Assistance: 999 983 -1184

    • Ayuntatel (Merida Citizen’s Line): 070 or 999 924 -4000

    • Mérida Municipal Police Department (for problems inside Mérida Centro): 999 942 -0060

    • Yucatan State Police (for problems outside Mérida Centro): 999 930 -3200

    • Fire Department: 999 924 -9242 or 999 923 -2971

Medical Emergencies Contacts in Mérida

  • Faro del Mayab - 24 Hour Emergency

    • Phone: 999 689 -4500

    • Location: Calle 24 s/n x 7 y 7A, Colonia Santa Gertrudis Copó 97115

  • Centro de Especialidades Médicas or CEM Sureste – 24 Hour Emergency

    • Phone: 999 920 -4040
      Location: Calle 60 #329-B x 35, Centro 97000

  • Centro Médico de las Américas or CMA – 24 Hour Emergency

    • Phone: 999 926 -2111

    • Location: Calle 54 #365 x 33A y Avenida Pérez Ponce, Centro 97000

  • Clínica de Mérida

    • Phone: 999 942 -1800

    • Location: Av. Itzáes #242, Colonia García Ginerés 97070

Pharmacies in Mérida

A nearby pharmacy ("Farmacia" in Spanish) from Casa Loltún - about 1.2km - is the Farmacia Mérida (Calle 60, No. 452 x Calle 49 & 51). Farmacias Bazar Sucursal CMA (Calle 54, No. 371-A x Calle 33-A & 35) is also only 1km away and is open 24 hours a day. A slightly larger pharmacy is Farmacias Especializadas (Calle 60, No. 325-A x Avenue Colón), about 1.6km from Casa Loltún, opposite the Hotel Fiesta Americana Mérida.


Other important Phone Numbers in Mérida

  • CFE (Electricity): 071

  • JAPAY (Water): 999 930 -3450

  • Federal Registry of Vehicles: 999 944 -0156

  • Mexican Immigration Office: 999 925 -4553

  • Secretary of Tourism: 999 930 -3760

  • Centro de Convenciones Siglo XXI: 999 928 -6977

  • Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco): 999 923 -2323

  • Municipal Tourism Office: 999 924 -8522

Some Foreign Consulate Contacts in Mérida

  • Germany
    Mr. Wolfgang Kresse Gonzalez, Honorary Consul
    Mérida Instituto Kresse, Calle 51, No. 329 x Calle 52 & 54, Fracc. Francisco de Montejo, 97203 Mérida
    Phone:  999 944 -3252, e-mail:

  • Spain
    Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez, Honorary Consul
    Edificio “Vector 50”, Calle 50, No. 402 D x Calle 33, Colonia Jesús Carranza, 97109 Mérida
    Phone:  999 948 -3489,

  • United States
    David Mico, Consul General
    Calle 60 #338-K x Calle 29 & Calle 31, Colonia Alcala Martin, 97050 Mérida
    Phone:  999 942 -5700,

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