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All about Homún & Cuzamá Cenotes in Mexico

Updated: April 6, 2024

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Author: Tobias

Homún and Cuzamá are two small villages southeast of Mérida. There are over 20 cenotes that can be visited. Homún & Cuzamá Cenotes is about 58km away from Mérida. The journey by car takes about 60min from the city center of Mérida and the place is most of the time tranquilly.



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Homún, Yucatán, Mexiko







58km from Mérida

Travel Time:

60min from Mérida


No entry fee

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Homún & Cuzamá Cenotes

Homún and Cuzamá are two small villages located not far southwest of Mérida. The two towns themselves are not different from many others in the region, with one exception. In and around Homún and Cuzamá there are over 20 cenotes that can be visited.

Also, the well-known Cenotes Santa Bárbara are located on a private property between the two towns of Cuzamá and Homún (the Santa Barbara site is the best developed and most visited).

Cenote Chacksikin
Cenote Chacksikin

The world of cenotes

Some interesting figures about cenotes:

Interesting figures about cenotes
Interesting figures about cenotes

Different types of cenotes

If you like to visit several different cenotes, this is the place for you. You can easily visit 5-6 different cenotes in one trip. Either on your own or you can use the services of one of the many guides who are waiting for visitors in both villages (Homùn is the better known destination).

The cenotes are each very different. Some are located in the backyard of a house and you don't see much more than a small round hole in the ground. Others are part of a hotel and restaurant.

If you are traveling with a guide, you can of course make any requests as to what kind of cenotes you would like to see. The access to some cenotes is a bit adventurous, so if you don't want to do that, you should mention it.

Cenote Pool Cocoon
Cenote Pool Cocoon

Tour guides

A guide will drive you for about 10 US-$ via TukTuk to different cenotes and can also explain the history of the places. This way you support the locals at the same time.

In addition, the roads to some cenotes are not really well developed. You will see the guides on the road as you drive towards Homún and Cuzamá or go to the marketplace of one of the towns.

TukTuk in Homún & Cuzamá

Cenotes at Homún and Cuzamá

Recommended cenotes are for example

  • Cenote Bal-Mil (with stalagmites and stalactites hanging from the ceiling),

  • Cenote Wolpoch (with ancient Mayan sculptures),

  • Cenote Los Tres Oches (three cenotes, the access is a bit adventurous),

  • Cenote Yaxvacaltun (next to Cenotes Santa Barbara, you can swing with a rope),

  • Cenote Mani Chan,

  • Cenote Caliskutz Homún (with stalagmites and fish in the water) or

  • Cenote San Isidro (a relatively small cenote).

More commercialized (but great) cenotes are

  • Cenotes Santa Bárbara (consisting of four cenotes),

  • Cenote Santa Rosa (with a restaurant) and

  • Cenote San Antonio (with a hotel and a restaurant).

Interesting but less visited cenotes ("off the beaten path") are

  • Cenote Hool Kosom (consisting of mostly white smooth limestone),

  • Cenote Cholul (the operating family is selling some snacks) and

  • Cenote Chelpak (relatively small and free of charge).

Cenote Cascabel
Cenote Cascabel

The very best cenotes tour

If you are interested in getting to know the two best places with six cenotes and a 17th century hacienda in a private tour (Cenotes Santa Barbara and Hacienda Mucuyché), you should take a look at this Viator Tour. It's not really cheap, but a memory for life.

How to get to Homún & Cuzamá from Mérida?

You can easily reach Homún and Cuzamá (usually you choose one of the two places) by bus or by car. On site, you can use the services of local guides who will take you to the cenotes.

An inexpensive option is to take a Colectivo. There is a colectivo to Homun about every 30 minutes. The colectivo parking in Mérida for a ride to Homun is on Calle 52 (between Calle 65 and Calle 67). You need to look for a parking lot entrance and a Homun sign on the wall.


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Best Cenotes Tours

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