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Best Internet Resources for Mérida, Mexico in 2024

Back to the 90s?

Oh dear, the idea of a link collection is really a bit 90s. I know. However, I have gradually discovered many interesting sites that were not immediately visible via Google.


You're - of course - already on the most exciting page on the Internet if you want to visit Mérida ;) ...but the following selection is also quite interesting. 

Deliberate confusion

In contrast to all the other pages of Casa Loltún Vacation Rentals, there is a (deliberate) confusion here, so that you can go on a kind of voyage of discovery.


Perhaps you'd also like to take a look at the sister site with the best YouTube videos of Mérida? And you can take a look at the overview of public sites and travel guides for Mérida.

Lonely Planet

Roaming around the World

Ruta de Cenotes





Food Fun Travel

Yucatan Today


Mérida Expat Community

Travel To Mérida

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