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Top-10 Places Yucatan Peninsula and Mérida in 2024

The places to be

In Mérida, the Paseo de Montejo with its magnificent buildings is a must (although it is difficult to leave it out as a main street) and there will be no one who will not stop by at the Plaza Grande and see the Catedral de Mérida (at least from the outside). These are quite simply the must-see attractions in Mérida.

On the Yucatan Peninsula, Chichén Itzá is probably at the top of the bucket list for many people. The ancient Mayan site attracts two million visitors a year.


Besides Chichén Itzá, there are many alternatives and a visit to a Mayan archaeological site should definitely be included.


And you should also not miss a visit to an old hacienda. It will give you an impression of the economic past. The Yucatecan cuisine is also a highlight on the peninsula.

Some thoughts

The advantage of the well-known travel platforms is the power of the community. You will find information about almost every corner of the world and the amount of reviews gives you an average of opinions. On the other hand, many reviews are usually not very helpful (like "Jorge was very friendly").

Travel blogs, on the other hand, are specialised and therefore much better in terms of content quality. However, these blogs usually lack a decent functional platform based on a database and of course you only get the opinion of one person.

My idea was to combine both worlds: Specialised information with high quality content and a functional platform with search and sorting possibilities. But where is the power of the community? I use it to derive the popularity of a location. So this Top-10 page is dynamically generated by the number of views of the individual pages.

Your Top-10 Choice

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